Friday, April 17, 2009

construction paper critters

Where'd the POSTS go? (I DUNNO...)

I haven't done much with a pencil, pen or brush since my son was born, but I have been focusing on making his bedroom a slightly more colorful place. I'll be doing lots of construction paper cutting and glue-ing in the future, (helping him out with the classics- turkey hands, snowflakes, etc...) so I figured I better get some paper-cutting practice under my belt. I came up with some animal faces for his walls, and made a frog, a tiger, a hippo, and a monkey. He enjoys looking at them when he gets his diaper changed. The best thing about the construction paper medium is the cost. You can make just about anything for the low low price of $3.00. Probably less if you shop around. These were a lot of fun, and my son is super-happy with how they turned out (He's not very critical of creativity...I've discovered this is one of the best traits that babies have)

My wife got in on the fun and made a butterfly, along with some wonderful calligraphy for his room. Welcome to the world, Emmett!

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pumml said...

I was wondering what the wall critters looked like. Very cute!