Sunday, June 17, 2007

Spidey Reads The Funnies...(Ketcham study)

Last Friday I told myself I would paint SOMETHING over the weekend, and in order to keep the promise I worked on a study for the Spiderman of 2007.

It felt great to break out with a little bit of color and brush work and spend some quality time off the computer. Ahhh, rough lines!!! This is a goauche wash on bristol paper.

I've been wanting to study the layouts of Hank Ketcham (Dennis the Menace, Half Hitch) for awhile, and used the cartoon below for a heavy dose of composition and inspiration.

Thanks for the lesson, Hank! And if there are any Dennis fans out there who haven't read The Merchant of Dennis, Hank Ketcham's autobiography, it's worth a serious look. Very funny, with wonderful insights and great sketches from a lifetime spent cartooning.


luna c said...

You're right, you aren't as funny as you use to be...Great reference! That works so well as a study and a comic on it's own. Bravo.

Anon said...

Hey there Ian. I found your blog via Christopher's. I really like that you kept the smoke from the original drawing, but not the pipe.

Morgan Pasinski