Monday, April 30, 2007

The Freedom of Youth! (part 1)

A friend of mine has been posting drawings from days long past, and he's inspired me to do the same. It’s amazing what you find when you go through the boxes in your basement. I need to give a big thanks to my mother for saving all this stuff. I’m grateful to have it.

Some of the earliest drawings I found (or at least the earliest ones whose subject matter I could recognize) were of sports. My dad's a huge sports fan, which is the only reason I can think of for me to have drawn these. I don’t remember liking sports as a child, but memory is strange. Soccer wasn’t just my favorite sport, it was my favorite THING. Did I like it more than CARTOONS? Did I like it more than CANDY? Apparently so.

Along with soccer, there was football. I drew the Chargers...

I drew the Rams. I still think the Rams have some of the coolest helmets ever...

And of course, growing up in Washington, I drew the Seahawks.
But did you notice I drew them losing? The score is 10-28. A Seahawk is saying, “Rats!” If you can’t even get a little KID to believe in you, you’re a team with problems. Maybe, even way back then - I knew rooting for the Seahawks was a lost cause. I was too young to have my heart broken. That would have to come later, in Super Bowl XL. We wuz robbed!!!

And then I found him. A NEW hero...
Stop and think about how many kids out there grew up drawing Spiderman. Millions? Billions? Kids are STILL drawing Spiderman, just like they did thirty years ago. But who else was drawing this guy?

I haven’t seen him in the headlines, but he looks like quite the villain. I even gave him the oh-so-evil name of NEWTON. Puny mortals, kneel before the power of NEWTON!!! I guess there’s a reason I stopped drawing him. Too bad. His ship was named the FireBolt. How bad-ass is that?

What the heck is this? A bloated thanksgiving turkey? A modern-art jack-o-lantern? No, it’s the ARGO! The coolest spaceship to ever come from a resurrected Japanese naval vessel - Starblazers, the Argo and the Wave Motion Gun will always hold a special place in my heart. Here is the real ARGO, so you can see just how awesome my paper craft skills were back in the day.

What a likeness! I nailed it!


pumml said...

Thanks for the link Ian.

The kiddie drawings are awesome. Love the Argo/potato and the Rams swirly helmet! Soccer and Spiderman rocks. Too bad we can't draw like this anymore, I guess we'll have to wait until we have children of our own!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you still have those drawings!! Hooray for mom. Pretty soon, you'll be able to add some of Aidan's "cars" to your box of memorabilia! Hopefully you haven't just jinxed the Seahawk season by posting that drawing! will all be on you if we lose, not because they got rid of DJack and Stevens. =) See you soon ~Lil sis

Mom said...

I'm so glad you found a great way to share your drawings; even tho' I am your Mom, I knew when you were a little tyke that you had what it takes. Your first ever recognizable drawing, at the age of two, was that of a whale. If you still have it, I'd like to see it in cyberspace too. Love, Mom